About Me

About Me

About Me

I grew up on a farm in country Victoria, I learnt that I could amuse myself with many different types of craft as well as many musical activities. As I grew older I swore that scrap booking couldn’t interest me as it would make too much mess and I would need lots of things to make even the simple things, how so much has changed.

My Stampin’ Up Story

I first saw a Stampin’ Up! idea book and catalogue on the back porch of a friends house. Before I had even been to a demonstration, I wanted it all. I went to the demonstration and fell in love. I dreamed about all the things that I could make. Within a few weeks I had signed up as a demonstrator, back in May 2008 and I have been one ever since.

I quickly learnt that it wasn’t about the stamping that I was to love so much, It was about the relationships and friendships that I would make along the way. These relationships led to in home workshops, weekly craft sessions, monthly craft sessions, retreats, and a down-line group.

I enjoy the teaching that happens with new stampers. I love seeing that look of delight when they make their first card. Everyone has a creative bone in their body, it just needs someone to make it simple for you and Stampin’ Up! allows that to happen. I enjoy techniques and love to teach these too.

My Stampin’ Friends

I have many online friends and relationships and I look forward to attending events to see these people in the flesh. There is something magical about swapping at events and the excitement of seeing new products and how to use these products. This is one of the joys of being a demonstrator (plus the discount on product is great!)

I find that spending time in my craft room is very therapeutic,  and there is nothing like seeing the smile on someones face when they receive something homemade with love.

I think that the cards, gifts and scrapbooks are all part of memory making. How many handmade cards have you received? Do you still keep them somewhere special? Do you have fond memories of specially wrapped gifts? All these memories are special and it doesn’t take much for you to create these memories for either yourself, your friends and your family. Just think those scrap booking and project life pages are the books that memories are stored in.

Why not create a memory now?

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