Do you love Ribbon?

RibbonDo you love ribbon as much as me?

This week I posted on my Facebook page a couple of questions. One was a simple Embellishments or Ribbon?

I thought hands down the winner would have been ribbon but it wasn’t.

I own a box of ribbon that I have had since I was a child. This box is full of ribbons that belonged to my Mother and Grandmother. There is different colors and thickness of satin, patterned and plain ribbon, pieces of lace and the occasional button. I was sometimes allowed to wear one in my hair to school or I just played with them when i was sick in bed.

I still have that box of ribbon, but it has grown to include ribbon I have collected. Some of the original ribbon in on quilts or craft projects. Some has been given away on handmade birthday cards or scrapbook pages.

I would love to know if you treasure and love ribbon as much as me. Maybe you have a stash of handed down ribbon. Do you have a box of ribbons that you love?

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  1. Sue Ferguson

    Hi Mel,

    Yes, like you I have a container of mixed ribbons/lace etc that have been collected over the years and yes I still have some SU Ribbons in my stash as well…..
    with moving house – I could not part with them so they have come with me in the same container and into my craft room….


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