My Stamping Resolutions for 2016

My Stamping Resolutions for 2016

I have been able to spend some time thinking about my stamping resolutions for 2016 since I am not currently working at my normal full time job,and what I would like to achieve for the coming year. These are some of the stamp resolutions or plans that I thought about and plan to work on for the coming year.

  • I had the usual – I plan to continue to eat clinkers to get the creative juices flowing but the growing waist line is not supportive of continuing this resolution.
  • Drink more water – I downloaded an app that sends me notifications to work on this one, so far so good but the diet coke withdrawal headache is a killer.
  • Print more photos – Santa delivered a nice cheque so once that clears from the bank I am thinking a Canon Selphy might be in order so that I can print from my iphone to the Selphy whilst in the craft room would be ideal.
  • To Project Life more frequently – I love to scrapbook but feel that I am useless if you give me a 12 x 12 piece of card stock. I love project life and how quickly you can bung out the pages. I sat yesterday and got about 6 back to back pages done and it was all so simple. I now just want to bling it up a bit more.
  • To research more about blinging up the Project Life pages. I am a member of some great PL face book groups and I am in awe of how creative these girls are. I want to research and get more ideas from them.
  • I want to not buy any greeting cards AT ALL this year.
  • I want to post more random cards
  • I want to continue my random acts of kindness ideas on pinterest and do some frequently.
  • I plan to block out time in my diary to just stamp, scrap and create in my craft room.
  • I would like to learn an easier way to watermark a number of photos quickly
  • I promise to send a monthly newsletter – have you signed up to receive this?




Funny New Year Stamping Resolutions

How does that list compare to yours? I would love to hear your stamping resolutions for 2016

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  1. Sue Ferguson

    Some great 2016 resolutions in there Mel….

    I have made a few for my business to be better organised for classes, monthly newsletter, blog page….

    Let’s hope I stick to it..

    Sue Ferg


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