Who is your Stamping buddy?

Stamping Buddy

Who is your stamping buddy?

Recently I have been spending some time thinking about what I love about Stamping. I have been a demonstrator for over 8 years and was pondering why I still do what I love and love what I do.

People often ask me, How do I have time to fit it all in? Working full time and with half of the week away from home I sometimes wonder that too. It got me to thinking about how I joined Stampin’ Up! I was visiting a friend who said she was off to a party, and showed me the catalogue and I fell in love straight away. I wanted everything in that book and I had never been interested in paper crafting before. Since that time my passion for the products that Stampin’ Up produce hasn’t changed. I still get excited about a new catalogue and seeing new projects for the first time.

But there must be something else that makes me stay…..

Its the joy of creating and the time spent in my craft room, where the stress of my day job slips away…… Its the laughs and times that I spend with the girls making projects together…. Its the grin from ear to ear of someone making a card at a workshop for the first time and the joy of being able to say “I made that!”…..Its the joy of someone opening a handmade card and knowing it was made with love just for them…. Its the memories that continue on, when someone keeps your card or gift for much longer than they would have kept a store bought card….

Miss Molly in the picture above is always close by when I am stamping, she is one of my favorite stamping buddies. Is it that I love getting together with others and stamping? I love sharing stamping ideas with my customers and team. You can book a workshop or join my team here Mel Dunstan Stampin Up Site

What is your why? Who do you enjoy craft with? What do you love about being creative? Who is your stamping buddy?


  1. Melanie Dunstan (Post author)

    Love Stampin with you guys too….. I remember Sue that we had to train Molly to not walk across everyone’s gear on the tables in Mildura. She always sits where you don’t want her too. She doesn’t get up on the table as much now but is still around, especially as its cooler in the craft room with the air con on!

    1. Sue Ferguson

      They were the good old days. Miss Molly would be getting older (like the rest of us) now as well. We are expecting about 42 degrees today and then 44 degrees on Saturday, so I won’t be leaving the house much. Should do some crafting instead of looking at the table all the time…

  2. Wendy

    My Buddies are Michelle, Bernie and best of all You, when you can fit us in hahahah

  3. Sue Ferguson

    Miss Molly was always a constant scraper with us on the table at our Friday night sessions back here in Mildura…. great nights of food, fun, laughter and great company….Miss those days


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